OneLov believes that by positively encouraging and inspiring children with art that are currently without it, we will empower young lives with confidence, improving their chances and outlook of the future, and increase their scholastic performance.


The children in the current OneLov Art Workshop are learning about a different artist each class, so far, Picasso and Matisse, thanks for volunteering and teaching, Betty Green!

Onelov Art Workshop



OneLov Art Class









The Theater Workshop was a wonderful time and the short film the kids wrote and acted out is meaningful and precious.

Check it out:)


The Veterans love cards from the Kids!


Happy veteran with card


Kids from the Theater Club share why they are participating.

LA Mission End of Summer Block Party with onelov

a wonderful donor
Our latest donor, Jacob, exemplifies the benefits of Art for Children, THANK YOU JACOB AND MEG!!
Art in Compton
OneLov Art Tables in Compton were a treat for the kids!!


We can better the lives of our youth by sharing the expression of art that inspired you in school, helped you with other subjects, helped with your career, interacting with others and your adult life.
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